Regular Massages are a great way to look after yourself
Do you enjoy having treatments with the Massage Angel?
Would you like to have more treatments with the Massage Angel?
Would you like to pay less for your treatments?
Well, now you can! 
Choose one of the options below and you can unlock the following unlimited discounts:
30-minute treatment, just £20 (rrp £30)
45-minute treatment, just £30 (rrp £40)
 60-minute treatment, just £40 (rrp £50) 
Once you have set up a subscription, there is no limit to the number of treatments you can have each month.
Just select one of the options below to set up your membership:

Option 1




  Just click the link below and watch a short video.  If you like what you see and wish to become a member of the Club via the link, then you and your family can enjoy my unlimited discounted treatments and also the savings/benefits the Club has to offer) 

When you start to complete your free online quote via the link, just select 'I am not with a Partner' (Do not worry, I will still see when you have joined and you can start enjoying your discounted treatments as a member once everything is set up and you have received your confirmation email from the club) 

Option 2




Just select one of the options below to set up your subscription (The link will send you to GoCardless, where you can set up your subscription under the direct debit guarantee) 

£5 per month membership - Individual Membership

£7.50 per month membership - Covers you and your family household to enjoy unlimited discounted treatments.

Membership Terms & Conditions

- Membership payments are set up as an automated payment via GoCardless direct debit.

-The individual membership will cover one person to have discounted treatments - Discounted treatment can not be transferred to another person.

- The Family monthly subscription is for you and members of your immediate family. One payment of £7.50 per month will allow you and family members to have treatments at discounted rates.

- You are not tied to the membership, you can cancel at any time, all that I ask is that you notify me at least 5 days before you cancel your subscription. You will still be able to have discounted treatments until the end of the last paid month.  

- You will still be able to book and pay for your treatments online by selecting 'Member Treatment'. 


- If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment, please give me at least 48 hours notice to give me a chance to try and fill your space.

- GoCardless manages the subscriptions under the direct debit guarantee.

- Other discounts offered cannot be applied to these treatments.

- Gift vouchers can be used when paying for discounted treatments. Gift vouchers cannot be used to pay the monthly subscription

- If you are already a member of Option 1 with another Distributer you will not be unable to change.  If you wish to enjoy my discounted membership offer you would need to set up Option 2. 

- If you have already signed up to Option 1 with me in the past you and you are still a member of the Club then you are automatically a member and you can enjoy your discounted treatments.

- If you have selected Option 1 for your membership, I will receive a monthly commission from the Club which will cover the cost of your subscription.

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