KIND Soothe really helped my arms.

Well, what can I say about KIND Soothe except it's just amazing!

A few months ago a few weeks before 'lockdown' we decided to adopt a 'rescue dog'. A few days after we had collected him I started to notice one of my forearms was developing a rash, I could only assume I was reacting to the dog fur, by the look of the rash & with some research, I was pretty sure the rash wasn't anything serious. So after trying a few creams which I already had in my cupboard, I wasn't seeing much of a change.

I decided to visit my local chemist and discuss it with the pharmacist. He agreed it was skin irritation and nothing more serious. He suggested an 'over the counter' lotion to try. After a few days of trying the cream, I could see no change in now both of my forearms and they were becoming even sorer especially in the evening. At this point, 'lockdown' was almost imminent and I was finding I had to hand wash more regularly so I had started using 'KIND Soothe' to help put moisture back into my hands by applying the balm before going to bed each night.

One evening I thought, why don't I just try this on my forearms. What harm could it do! Well! as soon as I applied it, I could feel my arms tingling. Something was happening, the soreness was easing. It was weird but amazing!

In the morning, my arms looked less red and they were not as sore. I decided to apply the balm in the morning and in the evening, after a few days I realised I stopped using the balm on the arms because I didn't need to, the rash had gone.

KIND Soothe is truly amazing! Click here to try it yourself and find out more.

Denise Macey is fully qualified as a Sports, Holistic Massage & EMMETT Therapist. She qualified in Sports & Holistic Massage through the prestigious 'Essentials for Health' Academy in Central London.

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