Massage Angel - Membership Package

Regular Massages are a great way to look after yourself

Do you enjoy having treatments with the Massage Angel?

Would you like to have more treatments with the Massage Angel?

Would you like to pay less for your treatments?

Well, now you can!


45-minute treatment - just £35 (rrp £45)

Once you have set up a subscription, there is no limit to the number of treatments you can have each month.


£10 PER MONTH - per Person


So if you are planning to have more than one treatment a month,

then this membership for you!

All you have to do is email and ask to become a member. I will send you a link to set up the monthly subscription.

Membership FAQ's

Am I limited to the number of Treatments I have each month?

No you are not limited at all, As long as your subscription is live, you can have unlimited treatments at the discounted price each month.

I have subscribed to the membership, but I have just received an email saying I have a £5 discount because it's my birthday, can I get a further discount?

When does the Direct Debit for the monthly subscription come out of my account?

If I have just set up my subscription, can I book to have discounted massage before the 1st?

Can I book more than 1 treatment?

Does the Membership cover just me?

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

If I sign up to become a member, do I have to sign up for a year?



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