Massage Angel - Membership Package

Regular Massages are a great way to look after yourself

Do you enjoy having treatments with the Massage Angel?

Would you like to have more treatments with the Massage Angel?

Would you like to pay less for your treatments?

Well, now you can!

Choose one of the options below and you can unlock the following unlimited discounts:

30-minute treatment, just £20 (rrp £30)

45-minute treatment, just £30 (rrp £40)

Once you have set up a subscription, there is no limit to the number of treatments you can have each month.

Just select one of the options below to set up your membership:

Option 1 - Free Subscription Membership

Do you like the sound of saving money?

What about saving money on your household bills?

We have been saving money on our household bills since 2014 and we still continue to save money.

Have £10 off all of your future treatments and save money on your household bills

If you like what you see and sign up there will be no monthly subscription to pay and you can £10 off your treatments for you and all members of your household.

Option 2 - Subscription Membership



Request a link. Use the link to set up your payment details. Once that is set up I will be notified and I can set up the monthly payment. - The first payment will be requested on the 1st day of the month but you will be able to enjoy the savings immediately - Simple!

£5.50 per month membership per person

Denise Macey is fully qualified as a Sports, Holistic Massage & EMMETT Therapist. She qualified in Sports & Holistic Massage through the prestigious 'Essentials for Health' Academy in Central London.

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