Revolut.....a new way to have money on your travels.

Looking for a prepaid card which you can use at home and abroad?

I have been using my Revolut card since 2018. It is amazing!

I got shown this card by a client, because they were working abroad a lot. Their salary was being paid into it, but the card easily allowed them to move their money from Euros into Sterling.

I set up the Revolut app on my phone and from there I requested a card. It was easy and I received my card a few days later.

The app is great! We were planning our summer holidays and I wasn’t keen to take all of my spending money as cash. I was able to load my card with sterling from my bank account and then transfer the sterling into Euros on my phone. There! half my holiday money was stored on my card.

It was brilliant on holiday, food shopping, eating out was all paid for using the Revolut card. (The card would automatically debit from the account from the appropriate currency) The exchange rate is very competitive and there are no charges to exchange.

If I owed someone money, that was simple too. If they were a Revolut card holder and are on my contacts list, I could transfer the money to them or, I could store their bank account details to my account and I could pay them that way and vice versa, if they owed me money I could also send a payment link to them and they pay me that way. It’s so easy!

Another great feature is that you can control the security on the card. You can freeze the card if you lose it, you can set limits, you can control if you don’t want use the contactless feature and you disable the card from being used online. You can even add the card to your wallet on your smart phone.

When you are not using the card abroad, it is great to use the vaults feature. These are like little saving pots within the app, you can set up regular payments to send money to the vaults from the main balance on the card. I use it to save for small things like saving money for my daughters piano lessons. or keeping money aside to pay my daughter's train fare which I buy termly.

Overall I really like the card, and I’ll be using it again to carry my holiday money. it’s offers so much more than a regular bank card.

If you would like to try out Revolut, just click the here and receive a free Standard Card.


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