Privacy Policy

My commitment to your Privacy
Why I collect your data 

I want to you to have the best possible experience I can offer to you. From when you book an appointment to the tailored treatment I can offer you.  Information about each treatment is recorded and stored to monitor the progress of the treatment.  

How I collect your data

Data is captured when you book online to send email and text confirmation of your booking and to send email/ text a reminder 48 hours prior to your treatment for your convenience.  Data is also captured during the first consultation and notes are recorded each time you have a treatment.

Will I share your data

All personal data will not be shared with a third party and is solely used to help treat you. 


The only time data will be shared if you purchase gift vouchers and you have requested for the vouchers to be posted.

How do I store your data and for how long

All client data is stored securely and for FHT Insurance purposes your data must be stored for 10 years. 

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