Massage Angel Lottery Syndicate

Thinking about joining a National Lottery Syndicate, but have no one to play with?

Did you know two-thirds of National Lottery games are played by Syndicates?


  But as I do not work within a large Company where Syndicates are known to be created by work colleagues.  I thought, why can't I set up one for my clients, family and friends.


I have found the 'Syndicate Tool' which is an online tool which manages Syndicates. 


The 'Syndicate Tool' will allow you to:


- Join my Syndicate (Lotto/Euro Millions or Set for Life) 

- Manage when you want to play 

- Manage your payments 

- Change your numbers

- Be paid a percentage of the winnings which will be credited to you directly



To join, all you have to do is: 


- Choose which Syndicate you wish to join using the buttons below

- Set up your account 

- Choose your numbers, pay and play!



The Syndicate Tool will do the rest!



Euro Millions

Set for Life

The more people that play, the higher the chance of winning!   


I promise, if we win the Jackpot I will still continue to Massage.........well maybe!


Good Luck!

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