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How do I cancel my appointment?

When you book your appointment you will receive an email confirming your booking. On that email there is a link which will allow you to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. This must be 48 hours prior to your booking, otherwise you may be charged a £20 cancellation fee. If you have not been sent an email confirmation, you can contact me directly and I can cancel the appointment for you.

I have paid for my Treatment but I need to cancel

If you need to cancel your appoitnment, please consider if you are able to reschedule your appointment, this can be done via the confirmation email. If you want cancel before the 48 hour notice period you can have a full refund. If you wish to cancel after the 48 hour notice period you may be charge a £20 cancellation fee, which may be deducted and remaining payment will be refunded back you

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes - you can change your appointment up to 48 hours prior to your original appointment, you can change your appointment via the original confirmation email using the reschedule link. or you can contact me directly.

If I have paid for prepaid treatment and I have received a birthday treat email, can I claim £10 off my treatment?

Unfortunately you are only able to claim a maximum discount of £5 off per treatment

Will I been seen earlier, if I arrive earlier?

I may be with a client prior to your appointment, so it's best to arrive at the time booked. Please note, I do not have waiting room facilites.

Is there a cancellation charge?

If you cancel before your appointment date. There is no cancellation charge. If you do not attend your scheduled appointment, I may have to charge a £20 cancellation fee to cover the time lost waiting for you to attend your appointment. This fee can be taken from the payment details supplied when booking your appointment, or an invoice can be emailed to you or you can pay online via my website (at the bottom of the page). No future appointments can be booked until the fee is paid.


What do I need to wear?

If you could wear something light and loose that would be great. Towels are used for treatments. If you are having Emmett Therapy, the treatment can be done via loose clothing. Jeans are too thick if treatment needs to carred on the legs.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a bottle of water with you, you may require some after treatment.

What do I need to do prior to the treatment?

Please ensure you have completed your consultation form prior to the treatment. As this helps me to be prepared before meeting you.

What is Emmett Therapy?

The Emmett Technique is a unique form of body therapy which uses a light touch. Specific points around the body allow the brain to respond by influencing muscle action, which can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissue why may help to relieve tension resulting in improved comfort within the body. The video shows Ross Emmett in Action. Click here to find out more.

Gift Vouchers

Can I buy Gift Vouchers?

Yes - Gift vouchers are available to buy online, Click here to buy a Gift Voucher

Can I get change if I have over paid by using a gift voucher.

Change is not available when using a gift voucher, but the remaining credit can be put towards your next treatment, or you can pay using a combination of gift vouchers and cash/card

How long are Gift Vouchers valid for?

Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date they are received.


What if I decide to cancel my membership

That is fine, no problem, you can cancel your membership at anytime, all I would ask is that you give me 5 days notice to cancel the direct debit. You will be able to still have treatment for the discounted rate until the end of the paid month.

When does the Direct Debit come out of my account?

The subscription is set up to for the 1st of each month. Payment will be taken up to 7 days later.

Am I limited to the type of Treatment I have?

No you are not limited at all, the packages are based by time. At the beginning of the Treatment you can specify whether you want to have a Sports Massage, Hollistic Treatment, Emmett Therapy......

How many treatments can I have?

As long as your subscription is live, you can have unlimited treatments at the discounted price.

I have subscribed to the membership, I have just received an email saying I have a £5 discount because it's my birthday, can I get a further discount?

As much as I would love to give you the discount on top, unfortunatley I cannot offer you further discount. No further discounts can be applied to the membership subscription.

What does the Membership offer?

I offer a Membership which anyone can subscribe to. 2 Options are available to subscribe to my membership which gives you £10 off my rrp: 30 minute Treatment rrp £30 - Discounted price £20 45 minute Treatment rrp £45 - Discounted price £35 This membership offers fantastic savings on my Treatments. It's really easy to join, just go to my Membership page, select which option to choose and sign up! It's really easy.

If I have just set up my subscription, can I book to have discounted massage before the 1st?

Yes, I will be able to see that you have set up your subscription, so please go ahead and book your discounted treatments as a 'Member' Treatment.

Can I book more than 1 treatment?

Yes you can, you can book treatment online as far as the calendar will allow you to. If you wish to book further in advance or on regular basis, just let me know and I can book them in for you. You will still receive email confirmations of the bookings and reminders 2 days before your appointment.

Does the Membership cover just me?

Yes, the membership is covered per individual. (The membership was originally set up to cover the family, as an introductory offer. This will continue to be the case for those members) Anyone who's starts the membership after the 1st January 2021 is an individual membership)


How do I pay for the £5.50 Membership Subscription?

£5.50 Subscriptions can only be paid monthly by a subscription. Click here to find out more about subscriptions To pay for the discounted treatment on the day please see, 'How can I pay for the Treatment'

How can I pay for the Treatment?

I am happy to take cash but to help keep the risk to a minimum, payment is prefered by contactless payment, I can take the following: - New Customers - Payment details will be requested to make a booking, but no payment will be taken until after the treatment to ensure all discounts are applied - Existing Customers - You have the option to give payment details which can be collected at the time of the booking, but no payment will be taken until after the treatment, to ensure I can apply any discounts before paying. - Contactless Card Reader is available - Paypal - - Paypal - Scan - Pay - Go (A QR code is available in the Treatment Room) - If you are a member, I can request payment in the same way I collect the monthly subscription (via Gocardless)


Where are you based?

I have a treatment based in Marden Kent. I live on the main road which goes through Marden. Marden Train Station is about 5 minutes walk from my Treatment Room. When you book your treatment you will receive and email confirmation, on there you will receive further information about where to park, where to go when you reach my address... etc.

Do you do home visits?

For Sports or Hollistic Massages I am unable to offer home visits, the time taken to travel, unload the couch, set up, do the treatment, pack up and travel home is not cost effective. But I am able to do home visits on request for Emmett Therapy Treatments, as a couch would not be required and set up minimal. Please contact me directly if you would like an Emmett Therapy Home Visit.

Do you treat clients actually in your home?

No, I have a Treatment Room at the bottom of my garden. When you arrive at my house go to the side gate and ring the door bell. I will meet you and we will walk down to the Treatment Room.

Do you have a toilet I can use?

I do not have toilet in the Treatment Room. So if you can make sure your are 'OK' prior to your treatment, that would be great. If you really need to use it, toilet facilites are available upstairs in my home.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, I do have wheeelchair access to the cabin, but please note I am unable to provide toilet facilites.


I think I have sprained or strained my joint....what do I do?

Most sprains and strains can be treated at home without seeing a GP. Characteristics of a strain / sprain are: - Pain, weakness or tenderness around the wrist, thrumb, back, leg, knee, ankle or foot - The injured area is swollen - You cannot put weight on the injury or use it normally - You have cramping or muscles spasms Please go to A & E or call 999 if: - You heard a crack when you had your injury - The injured body part has changed shape - The injury is numb, discoloured or cold to touch You may have broken a bone and will need an X-ray Source: NHS

What is the difference between and strain or a sprain?

- A sprain is where you have twisted or torn the ligament. This is most common in the ankles, wrist, thumbs, knees - A strain is where the muscles has become overstretched or torn (known as a pulled muscle) This is most common in feet, backs, legs, knees

How can I treat a sprain or strain?

For the first 4 days you can follow RICE Therapy, this will help to bring down the swelling and support the injury: REST - Stop any exercise and try not to put weight on the injury. ICE - Apply and ice pack (or bag of frozen vegatables wrapped in a tea towel) to the injury for up to 20 mins every 2-3 hours COMPRESSION - To support the joint wrap a bandage around. ELEVATE - Keep the joint raised on a pillow as much as you can. Source: NHS

How long will it take for a sprain or strain to heal?

Most strains sprains may take up to 2 weeks to feel better. If you are still in discomfort, you may wish to seek medical advice. A Physiotherapist or a Sports Massage Therapist may be able to help you.

My joint is still not quite right, when should I go and see a Sports Massage Therapist?

If it has been over 2 weeks and your GP confirms you have a sprain / strain, massage may help to break down the scar tissue and improve blood flow around the joint. Click here to book an appointment

I have just hurt my back, should I book in straight away to have a Treatment with you?

It would be advisable to follow the guidelines set by the NHS regarding Back Pain. There are some steps you can follow to help treat your back, and if your back has not improved the link can advise what you need to do if your symptoms are very painful or persistent. It also advises when you need to seek further assistance. I have also found a document online from the NHS Physiotherapy team, which provides some exercises you can follow to help strengthen your back. Massage may help to relieve your symptoms when self-treatment has not reduced your back pain.

The Appointment

What do I need to wear?

Please wear loose comfortable clothing to your appointment. Towels will be used. If you are having a treatment on your legs, you can wear/bring shorts with you. If you are booked to have an Emmett Treatment, this can be conducted through light clothing. i.e T-shirt, thin trousers. Please avoid wearing jeans as they can sometimes be a bit too thick.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a bottle of water with you, as you may require a drink after your treatment. If you have been given a voucher to pay for your treatment, please bring the voucher with you. If the voucher is on an email its fine to show me the email on your phone, you do not need to print it.

Do I need to complete the online consultation form? Even though I have completed a paper one before?

Yes - Whether you are a new client or if you have previously had a treatment before and you have only completed a paper form. An online consultation form must be completed. This form helps me to prepare prior to your appointment and it saves time during the appointment. So I can spend more time treating you. You will be asked to update the form every 12 months.

I can't make my appointment, can I reschdule?

Yes you can reschedule. If you go to the original confirmation email, you will see a reschdule link, you can rearrange your treatment day/time

I need to cancel my appointment, will I be charged?

No, if you need to cancel you appointment at short notice, please go to the original email confirmation where you will be able to cancel your appointment.

I forgot to attend my appointment!

I will text you to let you know that your missed your appointment. You may be asked to pay a cancellation fee of £20, this fee will be invoiced to you. Any future appointments booked will be cancelled by me until the outstanding fee is paid. (It's very annoying waiting for a client who doesn't show up)

Health Shield

I am a member of Health Shield,  can I claim your treatments?

Yes you can claim your money back for my Treatments. The qualifications I have meet Health Shields criteria.

How do I book an appointment if I am a Health Shield member?

You can book your appointment through my website as usual. If you let me know you are able to claim your treatment back. I will give you access to be able to download/print your reciept which you will be able to submit to Health Shield. The feedback I have received from members is very positive and it is a very quick and simple process.

COVID - 19

Do I need to wear a facemask?

While we are asked to conform to the Tier system you will be required to bring a face mask with you. You do need wear it when you enter the cabin. After the consultation and we have agreed a plan of action. You will be asked to continue wearing the facemask if you need to lie on your back. You can remove the facemask if you are lying on your front.

Do I need to complete the COVID-19 pre screening form?

Yes, you will be emailed this form prior to your appointment, please complete this form online to ensure I am keeping my Treatment Room as COVID-19 safe as I can.

Do I need to let you know my temperature?

No, I will take you temperature when you arrive.

Tier 1 - Are you open?

In accordance to the Government Guidelines - Yes I am open, I will be able to offer 30 min and 45 minute Sports, Hollistic Massage & EMMETT Therapy. You can book an appointment online

Tier 2 - Are you open?

In accordance to the Government Guidelines - Yes I am open, I will be able to offer 30 min Sports, Holistic Massage & EMMETT Therapy for members and non-members. You can book an appointment online

Tier 3 - Are you open?

In accordance to the Government Guidelines - I will be able to offer Treatments, but in the interest of keeping myself and my family safe, I will be limiting the Treatment to 30 minutes. I will be able to offer Sports Massage and or EMMETT Therapy for members and non-members. You can book your treatment online

What is the new procedure?

Yes there are a few changes: - When you ring the doorbell by the gate, please wait, I will open and close the gate for you. - Please put your face mask before you enter the Treatment Room. - I will open and close the Treatment Room Door for you. - When you enter the Treatment Room, please go to the right side of the room (where the Sofa and Changing Room is) - Hand santiser is available as you enter the Treatment Room - The Test and Trace QR Code is available to 'Check in'. (Do not worry if you do not have the app. I already have your contact details from your booking if Test & trace need to contact you) - After your Treatment, please place your towel in the grey bin located in the changing room.

What will you do to help keep your clients safe?

Myself and my family will take our temperature each day. I will wash my hands throuroughly between each treament (as I do anyway) I have left a 30 minute interval in between Treatments to ensure there is no client cross over and I have enough time to sanitse and reset the room in preparation for my next client.

What will happen if you find out that you need to self isolate

If myself or my family start to show signs of COVID-19 all booked appointments will be cancelled/reschduled by email (or by phone if the client does not have an email address) If I receive a positiive test I will follow the Test and Trace Government guidelines, if you have checked in via the Test & Trace app you will be notified, if you do not use Test and Trace your contact details you provided when you booked your appointment will be passed on to Test and Trace to notify you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Will you be wearing a facemask?

I will have the delight in wearing a compliant facemask and visor. I do apologise if I start to sound like Darth Vadar!

Useful Contacts

Yoga - Balance & Blossom - Stephanie Felstead email:

Pilates - Spring Pilates Studio - Sarah Springhall contact:

Chiropratic - Coxheath Chiropractic & Natural Therapy Centre - Alasdair Smith Email:

Osteopathy - Body Care Osteopathy - Ben Rookledge email:


Back Pain - Sciatica Relief Stretches

Disclaimer: Always seek medical guidance from your doctor or qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

Back Pain - Low Intensity Workout for Back Pain

Disclaimer: Always seek medical guidance from your doctor or qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

Shoulder - Upper Body Workout to Improve Posture

Disclaimer: Always seek medical guidance from your doctor or qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.