Why I trained to become an 'EMMETT Technique' Therapist?

I must admit I had never heard of EMMETT Technique, until a friend of mine told me he had been treated with EMMETT Technique on his back and he found the results were amazing. His back pain disappeared instantly! So of course I did my due diligence to find out more and I thought 'ok'. Then one day a client had booked a friend in to see me for a Sports Massage. She was visiting from Australia and she was having problem with her shoulder. She was trained in EMMETT Technique, but she was unable to treat herself due to location of the injury. I treated her with massage but during the treatment we were talking about EMMETT Technique and the results it could achieve and how 'long term' it could allow me to treat my clients and achieve the same results but be less physically demanding on my body as a Sports Massage Therapist. This was the second time EMMETT Technique had been mentioned to me, so it must be sign that I needed to sign up... So I did!

Back in 1997 while enjoying life as a Sports Studies Student at Southampton University, I was playing a lot of Hockey and I remember after a playing a Saturday match for Eastleigh I was experiencing a pain in my hip and groin. I was having difficulty walking I was in so much pain I was in tears when I attempted to put a sock on! The next day I was at the Doctors and he then referred me to see a Physiotherapist. After a consultation with the Physiotherapist, he concluded that I had one leg longer than the other and ever since then I have been wearing a 5mm heel lift in all of my footwear which sorted out my problem and so I just accepted this was the way it was going to be.

Up until now......After speaking to a Podiatrist and what I have learned since becoming a Sport Massage Therapist over the past few years, I believe my leg length discrepancy was relating to my posture and muscles.

So prior to the EMMETT Technique course in May 2017, I decided to remove my heel lift to understand what problems I would feel. A couple of weeks in everything was going fine and I was not in discomfort, but while having a short break in the New Forest, my daughter had just got a new bike for her birthday we took the bike with us so that she could try it out. There were moments where I would run along side her or just walk along the track. She had a great time!

We then made the long drive home way back to Marden. On the way home I was a little bit uncomfortable in the car, my back felt a little bit 'strange' and I thought nothing of it. When we got home and I attempted to get out of the car....well....my right hip/groin did not want to earn it's keep! it did not want to hold up my body at all, I limped, hopped, staggered into house! it was crazy....I was re-living the pain I was in back in 1997.

After a few days my hip settled and I was able to walk fairly well with reduced pain. The EMMETT Technique course was imminent, so I thought I would hold off from seeing a GP/Therapist because I knew what the problem was. I would see first hand if this course was as good it was suggested.

Well what can I say!......Luckily the first few modules related to the muscles in the core of the body which was fantastic for me. After the first 2 days of the course I was surprisingly shocked about how I physically felt. Only light touch was used to connect to the muscles, but because my problem was relating to a weak core, I physically felt I had just done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, because my muscles were responding to the treatment. The following days after the treatment, I felt different. I had even less pain in my hip. I really felt like something had changed for the better and I could not believe how painless it was to get that result.

During the whole course I had learnt how to treat the surrounding muscles in my hip, after each training session and 'self treating' I was feeling more confident in my hip, the pain had significantly reduced and I was feeling like I had my hip back again.

I can definitely say from personal experience EMMETT Technique really worked for me and I am so glad I chose the learn EMMETT Technique. I hope I can help my clients to become pain free.

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Disclaimer “The EMMETT Technique is not intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your General Practitioner about any health concerns”

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