How to use a Foam Roller

Many of my clients ask me how to use a foam roller? What are the best stretches an I do? Stretches and techniques are always evolving and so I am never too keen to show specific stretches.

I always suggest my clients to look on the internet for specific instructors who specialise in using a foam roller. But saying that I suppose I am leading my clients to get lost in a minefield of information.

So I have found this video which shows you how to use a foam roller on your main muscles:

There is also a mine field of foam rollers out there, Click here to show you a range of foam rollers available.

But of course if you want to see how foam rolling is done properly, James Corden will show you...

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Denise Macey is fully qualified as a Sports, Holistic Massage & EMMETT Therapist. She qualified in Sports & Holistic Massage through the prestigious 'Essentials for Health' Academy in Central London.

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