Do you suffer with Anxiety? Panic attacks? Or have breathing problems? This may help you...

EMMETT Therapy not only helps to reduce pain an improve range of movement, EMMETT Therapy can also help to relax the body and help improve breathing, Ross Emmett says, "This move may be beneficial during challenging times to assist in relaxation, anxiety and to make breathing easier."

This move is called ‘Rescue’. From personal experience I have really benefited from this particular technique and I also find it helps me if I am unable to settle at night.

I also use this move on my daughter when she is sometimes unable to settle herself at night.

Take a look closely at this video to really understand each move which makes up the sequence of ‘Rescue’ and see for yourself.

Once you have repeated this move as many times as you need to, you should find you are able to breath deeper as you open up your airways, helping you to relax.

To find out more about the EMMETT Technique or to find out where your local EMMETT Therapist is Click Here


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