My First Holistic Massage

I had my first Massage back in February 2012. We were going on Holiday to the New Forest with my sister and her family. I had just decided to sign up to train as to become a Holistic & Sports Massage Therapist and my course was going to start in March. I thought I had better go and experience what I was about to learn. Holistic massages were available so I booked an appointment.

My back was causing me some discomfort on the drive down to the New Forest so I was glad I had booked a treatment.

I knew a I had booked a Holistic treatment so I knew I wasn't looking for a miracle fix to my back but if I could be comfortable to rest of the holiday I would be happy.

During the treatment the Therapist very quickly realised I had a lot of tension in my back and she advised me to speak to Sports Massage Therapist when I returned home. The Therapist did succeed in relieving some of the tension in my back. Overall I felt the treatment was good, it was relaxing and I did enjoy it and it was great to have 30 minutes to myself, while my sister had to keep my 2 year old daughter and her own 3 year old son occupied. (Don't worry she got me back while she had a treatment herself)

It would have been nice if the therapist was able to sort out my problem, but as she was a Holistic Therapist she could only work within her limitations.

I think the advantage I have is I am trained in Holistic & Sports Massage and I just can't resist if I find a muscle which needs a little bit more attention, because from personal experience I know the client will really appreciate the outcome.



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