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Are you a mum who is awful at paying out weekly allowances, or not rewarding your child for helping out around the house. Then you maybe interested in a GoHenry account.

I signed up to one back in 2018 and now my daughter thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread!

I have to say, I really do like this product. I downloaded the GoHenry app on my phone and set up my parent account, I was then able to set up my child account and order a card. (Which, at the moment is living in my purse and not my daughters for now)

The Parent app is great, I top up the card one a month by standing order with enough money to cover the monthly fee (£2.99), allowances and a bit extra if my daughter completes chores each week. (At the moment I top up way more than enough, because when my daughter moves to secondary school, her allowance will increase and if she is ever in an emergency situation and is in need of extra cash it will be comforting to know I will be able to top up her card at the touch of a button.)

The GoHenry Card is great because my parent account is set to automatically give her a weekly allowance. When she completes set weekly goals I can pay her an agreed amount by ticking the task. (When she is older, I will let her tick the completed tasks herself)

At the moment I look after my daughters GoHenry card, when we are out and about and she wants to buy something but has forgotten her money or doesn't have enough, she has the option to use her card.

Another feature about the card is that you can control the spending limits on the card, at cash points and online shopping. Which I think is fantastic. (at the moment the spending limit on the card is set and the online and cash point limits are £0)

There is even a piggy bank account which allows my daughter to set up a savings account within the card.

GoHenry has just come up with another fantastic feature 'Gift Links', you know as children get older, they are going to want the biggest and most expensive items. Well, 'Gift Link' will allow you to send a link to friends and family and they can send Birthday money, Christmas money straight to the GoHenry account.

Overall all I think the GoHenry card is great, It is great for providing consistency of paying allowance and my daughter has an opportunity of being rewarded for helping around the house.

If you would like to try GoHenry for yourself, click here and you will receive £10 which will be added to your parent account.

There is also another way to save money for your children when you shop, its called Kidstart

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