Save Money - Save with KidStart!

Haven't you heard of KidStart? I love this concept. Shopping online or out and about buying the things you normally would buy anyway, but because I shop via KidStart a small percentage of the cost of what I am buying will go into my daughters savings account! Don't get me wrong, the percentages are small, but over time the pennies will add up to pounds. I am earning money for my daughter on something I was going to buy anyway!

There are many known retailers you can use, Sainsburys, Ebay, Amazon, Boots, Morrisons, Iceland are to name a few. I am regular shopper on Amazon for Household stuff and stock for my business and so I always shop via KidStart.

You can also install a 'KidStart wizard' to your browser, so you will automatically be notified how much you can save for your child when you shop on a website if you shop through KidStart.

It's free to join KidStart and you can start to save as soon as you have signed up.

You can click here to join Kid Start.

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