Protone lacrosse ball for trigger point massage


Massage balls are a great product which can help to release troublesome tight muscles. Depending on where you feel the tension you can place the massage ball on the floor and place of 70% of your body weight on the tight muscle to release the tension, or alternatively you can place the massage ball against a wall and place the tight muscle on the ball and gentle roll over the muscle where you can feel tenderness, gently roll over that spot until you can feel the tension release and the tenderness reduce.


- A Massage Ball can reach tense muscles when foam rollers can't quite hit the spot.

- Helps to improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation

- It can stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles

- Lacrosse ball/massage balls are a little bit firmer than tennis balls so you will get a better result.


- Getting the right spot is a fine art, it may take a few goes to hit the spot.

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I have also found a video which gives you a brief tutorial:


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