Scar Massage - using MSTR

Scars can have a huge impact on the way our body operates. When a scar forms, the body produces collagen and this is what the body uses to repair itself. The results of this repair causes the tissue under the scar to become a thicken fibrous mass which can impede the circulation of blood and congests the lymph flow and it can also have an impact on the Range of Movement.

As well as affecting the site of the scar, because this non elastic fibrous collagen tissue has been produced, the scar has a pulling and dragging affects the facial membrane which covers our muscles, organs and glands.

Scars can come from:

- War wounds

- Automobile accidents

- Emergency life threatening surgeries

- Personal attacks (knife wound' bullet wounds)

- C- Sections

and often these scars can hold psychological and emotional restrictions. These may include:

- Anger

- Anxiety

- Fear

- Shock

- Trauma

- Failure

- Guilt

- Feelings of 'disconnection'.

When looking at C-Section post operative, physical effects may include

- Low back pain

- Abdominal Pain

- Restriction and pain upon flexion & Extension of the spine

- Bladder & Bowel problems

Please note there are contraindications where MSTR would not be affective:

- Any scars under 8 weeks old.

- Surgical Mesh - If you are aware surgical mesh has been used as part of the surgical procedure MSTR may irritate the mesh.

- Infections / Contagious infections

- Fragile Tissue - Thin /ageing tissue - MSTR may reopen the scar tissue

- Bruising/Swelling - The area maybe too painful to do MSTR

- Active Skin Conditions - Eczema, rash, Psoriasis

- Sunburn

- Trauma - If you are currently receiving counselling for trauma

MSTR - Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release is a gentle technique which is used to break down the collagen fibres to help restore the tissue which may help to reduce pain, improve range of movement and visually improve the look of the scar.

If you would like to book Scar Massage - Using MSTR please click the link below to book.


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