What is a Strain or Sprain?

A Strain or Sprain happens when you twist or overstretch a muscle, this could be due to not warming up before exercise.

Initially it is hard to say if you have strained or sprained a tendon (strain) or ligament (sprain)

Common Symptoms are:

- Tenderness, weakness or pain usually around the ankle, foot, leg, back, thumb, wrist or knee.

- You cannot put weight on the injury

- The area is swollen or bruised

- Muscles may painfully tighten on their own (muscle spasm or cramping)

How can you tell if it's a strain or a sprain?


Torn or overstretched muscle (a pulled muscle) - Most common it knees, feet, legs & back


Torn or twisted ligament - Most common in wrist, thumbs & knees

To find out how out you can treat a sprain or strain yourself, click here


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