Massage - After Care Advice

Even though you have just had a relaxing treatment, and you can already feel the benefits of the treatment. Here are a few tips to ensure you look after yourself:

- Drink water straight after your treatment, it's really good to drink water to help the body to sweep away waste materials from your body.

- You may feel a little light-headed after the treatment, this is normal and you will feel better after a short period of time.

- You may also feel tired after your treatment, this is very normal, massage not only treats your body, it also treats your mind and helps you to destress and relax so if you can... take a nap.

- After treatment, you may feel sore & achy, because I have been manipulating the muscles, this is also normal and may last up to 48 hours.

- A warm bath may be what you need, add a few cups of Epsom salts to help relax your muscles. Be careful not to make the bath too hot as it may exacerbate your injury.

- It may take a few treatments to fully aid your recovery, but if you notice your symptoms have improved then we are on the right track.

- Having regular Massages are a great way to manage & maintain your body and mind, If you are planning to more than 1 treatment a month, you may be interested in my membership offer, to help you save money on your future treatments.

Products to help aid your recovery

Here are some products which may help to aid your recovery in-between treatments

Massage Aids - Massage Guns - Hot & Cold Packs - Supplements - Office Equipment - Yoga Mats - Books - Resistance Bands - Pain Relief - Joint Support



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