Why have regular Massage Treatments?

I don’t know about you but when I think of Holistic Massage I think of the treatment as being a ‘treat’. I have a cheeky space in the calendar this week, I think I shall have some ‘Me' time. Having ‘Me’ time’ is brilliant and that’s the way it should be, time for yourself is fantastic as it allows you to have time to let your muscles relax and to ‘reset’ your body. The problem is as I said earlier we see Massage as a treat. To really see the benefits of Massage these treats should happen more often.

Cars are regularly serviced to ensure they perform at their optimum. If the cars are not serviced their performance deteriorates and before you know it the big end has gone (whatever that means) and the words you hear from your mechanic is ‘…..ooh, that’s gonna cost ya’!

So why should it be any different for humans? We find if we don’t look after ourselves and keep ourselves in good working order we could find we could have long-lasting negative effects on our health. It’s great that we have the NHS to look after us when we really need it, but there is so much more we can do to look after ourselves before we take up the NHS’s valuable time.

Ensuring we have a good work-life balance helps, regular exercise, regular massage (I know, I am biased) but all things really do help to ensure we are performing at our optimum.

I really do believe regular massage should be incorporated into everyone’s lives, but I also know to maintain your health this way does not always fit into every household budget. Which is why I created my membership offer where anyone can get discounted treatments by paying a small subscription fee each month. This is a great way to encourage you to commit to looking regularly after yourself and save money.

Subscriptions start from just £5 per month, which will allow you to have Treatments from just £20. You are not limited to the number of treatments you can have each month. There is also a family subscription available, which will cover you and everyone in your family household.

If you wish to find out more about membership and sign up just click here It only takes a few moments to set up. Once the subscription is set up you can go right ahead and book your discounted treatment.


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